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Thinking of making a move?  Maybe the house is getting too small or too big, possibly a job change takes you to another state, maybe retirement draws you to a warmer climate.  Whatever the reason, it may be time to make a change.

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The Best Price for Your Home

Effective marketing is the key to selling your home quickly and obtaining the highest price.
Hillstrom Real Estate has become a successful real estate company in Montgomery County by the effective marketing of our Clients' homes, using all available resources. Our job is to ensure that houses are fully exposed to the marketplace to assure that clients receive as many qualified offers as possible at the highest prices the market will bear.

Effective marketing begins with setting the price right.
Too high a price will lose market time, potential buyers, and possibly value.
Too low will lose full, fair value.
We recommend prices for clients' houses based on their goals - aggressive but not foolish.

Effective marketing is a cooperative venture.
It is the owners' part of marketing efforts to present their homes in ways that show the desirability of the houses. We help by identifying changes, repairs, fixups, furniture re-arrangements, and more that help stage the houses in ways that bring out positive responses from buyers. Together, sellers and Hillstrom Real Estate market houses to attract the highest prices in the least amount of time, all in the sellers' best interests.

Get a no obligation on-line Market Evaluation for your home.

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Comprehensive Marketing Program

Specific marketing activities to sell your home begin the moment you sign the Listing Agreement. From installing the “For Sale” sign to Internet marketing, we are constantly working to sell your home. Our proven marketing plan is designed to expose your home to as many potential purchasers as possible - making them aware of the key selling features and benefits of YOUR home.

In order to receive top dollar, your home needs top exposure. Our proven marketing plan provides you with that exposure and can include:

•  Listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service
•  Professional Color Photographs - edited and enhanced
•  Internet exposure on our site and across the Web
•  Unique E-cards and flyers to potential purchasers
•  Installation of a “For Sale” sign with information box
•  A full color custom printed Property Flyer
•  Upgraded ‘Visual Tour’ to highlight the features of your home
•  Brokers Open House – introduce your home to fellow Realtors
•  A personalized web site just for your property.
•   “Just Listed” postcards mailed to neighbors and prospective purchasers
•  Well promoted Open House events
•  Enhanced listing on Realtor.com – there is a difference !
•  Effective follow-up to agent showings
•  Print advertising in the newspapers and home magazines as needed.
•  Marketing to our buyer database

Our marketing program is one of the most comprehensive in the area, and we are excited about the prospect of working with you!

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Staging the Exterior - Curb Appeal Checklist

Buyers' first impressions set the tone for their interpretations of the rest of the house, so:

  • Trim shrubbery, mow lawn. Consider removing overgrown trees and shrubs that hide the house from the street.
  • Entrance ways and front doors deserve special attention. Therefore, clean glass on doors and entrance light fixtures. Polish metal light fixtures. Remove cobwebs, leaves and other debris. Paint the front door. Clean siding.
  • Plant colorful seasonal flowers in beds and containers.  Pots of red geraniums or impatiens at the front door gives positive welcome to visitors.
  • Close garage doors.  Make sure garage doors and openers are in working order.  Move trash containers out of sight.
  • Repair cracked and damaged driveways.  Pressure wash concrete driveways and walkways.  Lay a fresh coat of sealer on asphalt driveways.
  • Clean and repair patios and decks.  Replace damaged wood and nail down loose boards on decking and steps.  Pressure wash if needed.
  • Garage sale time!  Empty the garage of unwanted items and stack stored items neatly.
  • Repair and paint railings and fencing.  Walkways to the front door should be neat and trim and easy and safe to walk on.
  • Repair broken windows and replace thermal windows that have leaking seals.

Before going inside, walk across the street and look back at your house and grounds to see them as buyers will see them.  Your house should now have great curb appeal.  If the outside looks attractive, buyers are on their way to liking the inside.

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Setting the Sales Price

Sales or marketing price is established based on asking- and recently-closed sale prices of similar houses in the neighborhood; on the current direction of the real estate market; and on any particular needs of the seller.

We prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that compares the sales prices and features of houses that sold to our seller's property. Based on this evaluation, and taking into account a rising or falling real estate market, we make an initial judgment about pricing.

The needs of the seller are incorporated into this analysis to determine the marketing price.  Market price is usually a number within a range of prices. It is not an absolute number. Therefore, when a seller has a great need to sell soon, the marketing price is established at the lower end of the range. If there is no great need, then the marketing price is established at the higher or highest end of the range. 

Curious about what your home would sell for?  Get an on-line Home Market Evaluation.  If you are seriously considering a move then you would probably want a more detailed CMA before making a financial decision, so please contact us at 301-294-3000.

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